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Hi from Anthony

Hi, I'm Anthony Abbey and I've been writing poetry, rhymes, puns and songs for over 6 years.

With the help of many creative people we've decided to make a collection of fun songs that kids and adults with youthful spirits can enjoy.

It's been so much fun collaborating with many great musicians from the Ebony & Ivory music studios

in North West London.

After working in the postal service for 26 years I thought it was time to put my lifetime of rhymes and melodies to music and share them with the world.

I really hope you enjoy them.


"My Son really loves Anthony's songs. They are a lot of fun".

"It's been a pleasure working with Anthony over the past 6 years helping him develop his great talent".

"I've been a good friend of Anthony for over 10 years now and I have seen his songs bring so much joy to all of his friends and family".

Keefe W


S Daley


Chanel B


The journey of creating these songs